I am Oakstar, an ENFJ, Gryffindor, and neutral good.

I am fourteen years old, and instead of actually doing school work, I love reading, writing, acting, singing, and the ukulele. Sometimes I click the Random article button on Wikipedia just to learn things.

I believe that despite hard times, humanity can and will prosper. Love is what holds us together, and hope is what keeps us strong.

I have a diverse collection of pens I stole from various hotel rooms. I love haunted houses. It is my greatest ambition in life to go through a hay bale maze. Autumn is my favourite time of year, as I spend most of it underneath the treetops. I have a very good memory and can recall the tiniest bits of information from a Roald Dahl biography I read when I was ten (too bad that memory doesn't kick in for history tests). I've won Kahoot five times.

I believe that the universe is connected through a force stronger than all of us, and I am a firm believer in equality.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me. I'll offer tea if you stay a while.